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Don’t Be Afraid of the Scale!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

The one piece of electronic equipment that rules our lives more than our cellphones or laptops.

Ladies often allow their lives to be ruled by this little machine, and I don't blame them! It is what society has taught us correct? It seems normal to make sure we always sit within acceptable numbers.

Drop the scale

“Your best weight is whatever you reach when you're living the healthiest life you actually enjoy living.”

Focus more on how you look in your clothes, how you feel in your clothes and how much energy you have in your day. Focus on whether you can play in the garden with your kids, whether you manage to have great nights of sleep and can concentrate at work and be productive in your days.

These are the things that are relevant

It isn't a number, it isn't what the latest magazine tells you it should be! It is how you live you daily life with the ultimate quality, in the way you have always wanted to live carrying yourself with a grace and healthy glow like no other.

“It is time to walk away from the monster in your bathroom.”

My lovely ladies, this is your body and the only body you have to live this life with. Don't allow those voices in your head to tell you are unacceptable or unloveable because you don't fit a certain box. Always remember, your best weight is the weight you reach when you are living your healthiest life you actually enjoy living.

Let me teach you how, follow our pages and blogs for more...

Yours in weight management,




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