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How to Change Your Eating Habits

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

It really isn't complicated, it starts with one step at a time. The question is what step..

Like my mentor David Wolfe always says, "Start with adding in the good, eventually there won't be any space for the bad".

“All you have to think on now is what do you need more of.”

All you have to think on now is what do you need more of? Do you need more greens? Possibly a greens powder sounds better to you. Maybe you need to drink more water, but you don't enjoy plain water so it's time to think on ways to flavour it up. Whatever the thing is that you need to add in more of, think of what suits your lifestyle best.

Suiting your lifestyle

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself to dive a little deeper into this:

1- What am I missing for great health?

2- When in my day can I add this?

3- Can I keep doing this through the years or is it only for right now? (unsustainable)

There it is ladies and gents! Simple steps to adding in more of the good into your diet so that there is less space for the bad. Start where you are! Start now

Yours in health and wellness,




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