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The 5 Day Diet

Firstly, I really don't like that this is called a diet because it is so much more than that! Patrick Holfords 5 day diet is a means to create a ketogenic environment in your body, albeit for only 5 days.

This process allows your body to kick into autophagy, a state in which your cells can dump all waste products, pathogens, toxins and more. Your body will always prioritize health over weight management, so if you are struggling with weight issues it is always a great start making sure your body is as cleansed as possible.

Secondly, these 5 days are seriously low calorie, low carb and low protein but with everything provided for you as well as all the supplement support to back up, not only your detox process, but also the missed calories in this week you will be amazed at the results you get!


Weight loss

Craving management

Increased energy

And a new outlook on your great life.

We provide weekly workshops that we require you to attend before actually jumping into the detox, then from then on you can book as often as you need to do it!

Yours in health and detoxing,




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