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Get your energy back

Many of us struggle with energy issues. We often put it down to sleeping badly, being a parent to a young child or even due to work stress.

The fact is, it can be more complicated than that and can involve many bodily functions. It is often called Adrenal Fatigue, but in actual fact this kind of burnout is HPA dysfunction (Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Adrenal glands don't function as well as they should).

This affects the energy centers of our cells, the mitochondira, who produce bursts of energy for us to go about our days as best and energetic as possible. You may have symptoms such as:

Chronic fatigue

Exercise intolerance

Brain fog

Amongst others, and your mitochondria who not only control hormone and energy function but also regulate your immunity and cell death, need to get into top shape again.

It takes a few lifestyle shifts and incorporating the right supplements to build you up again.

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