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Immune health, 2021

Wow what a year it has been already! Eswatini hasn't felt the New Year resolutioners moving in waves towards their health goals but rather it has been a solemn few weeks.

Here at The Health Shop we want to turn the message around, and rather help you and your family arm yourselves with all you need to know about keeping wellness at the forefront of your lives. From food, to supplements and even fitness. We have it all right here for you and we will be taking the time this year to really teach you all we know in all manner of ways!

For starters, we have a few free ebooks (all available on your phone) that cover specific health and wellness topics circulating. This weeks focus:


Firstly you want to make sure you are healthy from all angles! Lower inflammation, less oxidative stress and in turn a healthy cleansed system. The way you live ultimatley determines all of this, from what is on the end of your fork to the way you cope with daily stress.

There are many antioxidants available (that will combat the oxidative stress) and antiinflammatories (to combat the inflammation) that come from your food and from amazing quality supplements. These are important in addition to your usual immune boosters and modulators like Vitamin C,D and Zinc.

For more, please send us a whatsapp on 76020474 and we will send you the ebook.

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